Joyce Couture is on TV: Go behind the scenes

An interview invite by 8TV Living Delight to feature Joyce and her coutures!

It's an exciting day of interview shoot for 3 episodes in Living Delight by 8TV -- on Joyce Couture and its collections i.e. work, going out and evening outfits. One collection at a time, Joyce is putting best outfits on her customers-turned-besties and telling you why those choices look good on them.

Thanks to Ammie, Yvonne, Agnice and Camilly. We hope Joyce Couture has always been your best style go-to brand. You ladies has always been by our sides all these years and we do hope we can grow hand-in-hand in the years ahead.

P.s. All 6 of us (my besties, me and my baby) had an amazing experience. Credit to the crew for making this day a great one for us.

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