Dressing for work: What styles would Joyce pick for her customers?

Joyce Couture turned 10 years old, hear what fashion enthusiast, Joyce has to talk about her own founded fashion brand! And what work wear styles did she put on her besties!

The first episode of our interview and fashion matching series has been aired! Many have been asking us when and how they could watch it for fear of missing out the clip!

Felt lots of love from our fans and here we presents, the first episode on our brand story and workwear that has gone on air!

Joyce would talk about why the brand was founded and her beliefs in dressmaking. Wonder what makes us different from any other fashion brand? Do find out in the video!

Also in this episode, Joyce has invited her customers-turned-besties to be guest models for a day to showcase her workwear designs. Which would she pick for each of them and why? Joyce will share with all some matching tips, to let everyone in her outfits look best, in and out!


For the second episode, Joyce will then talk about her casual collection. Stay tuned for next update!

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